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Everybody makes mistakes. I"m just lucky enough to have a plethora of diligent readers who will happily point mine out... repeatedly.

So, I have added this page to make the process of my public humiliation more better...!

This page is where I will reveal my mystical and extremely effective procedures
for making my custom-made, top-notch mistakes. Enjoy!

RELEASE DATE: May 19, 2014

MISTAKE: 325 in Roman Numerals should be CCCXXV - NOT CCCXXL

HOW I DID IT: Originally, I was using the number 345. I was having trouble converting that number to the Maya number system… so I switched to 325. Add a tight deadline and a pinch of distraction and Voila! You get a Roman Numeral that can not even exist. You’re welcome!

As you say in your opening text bubble, "This cartoon just doesn't add up", is literally correct. But none the less a very enjoyable edition.  --Gary Toward

Secret Codes Mistake

RELEASE DATE: February 22, 2016

MISTAKE: Morse Code translation for S should be dot, dot, dot. Not dot, dot, dash, dot.

HOW I DID IT: Not much magic here. Just a simple case of gettin' it wrong and not noticing.

Could be important if someone tries to send an SOS! --Susan Wittenborn

RELEASE DATE: January 9, 2017

MISTAKE: The text stated that a military airplane crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building in 1925. The event actually occurred in 1945.

HOW I DID IT: This one actually baffles me. I'm guessing that the aircraft type, it was a B-25, may have caused my feeble brain to transpose the 25 into the 1945 date. Yep.I like that explanation. Let's just say that happened and that I'm not a complete idiot.

How does an airplane hit a building BEFORE it's built? - - George Starbuck

RELEASE DATE: January 16, 2017

MISTAKE: The text stated that " It is winter when the northern half of our planet tilts toward the sun." Really? I actually think it is physically impossible for me to be any more INCORRECT about this.

HOW I DID IT: I try to keep the writing in Shortcuts as global as possible. Because of this, I remember contemplating between using the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere as my example. Apparently, I decided upon using the Southern hemisphere and forgot to forward the memo to myself. Bing. Bang. Boom.... planet-sized error!

You had a 50 percent chance of getting it right. LOL -- Christine West

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