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meet the kids


My name is K. 

That's right, just K.
My symbol is a peace sign because I believe we should all learn to get along. Oh, and one more thing - anything boys can do, I can do BETTER!



My name is James. 

I'm not the luckiest person in the world. I love to learn and have fun, but strange things seem to happen to me all of the time. The symbol on my shirt is my way of counting the days until the next disastrous thing happens.



My name is Roland. 

My symbol is a computer icon because I love to surf the web and discover new and exciting things. I also love to get outside and be active. I enjoy just about any sport or activity that involves lots and lots of SPEED!



My name is Juanita.

I chose the infinity symbol to represent infinite knowledge. I love to read and write. I believe the pen is mightier than the sword because written words are powerful. Words can make us laugh, cry, think and even hate.



My name is Junior.

The symbol I like to wear is a question mark. My mom says it's appropriate because I like to ask a lot of questions. In addition to asking questions, I also like to eat, sleep and surf, but not necessarily in that order.



That’s right!
We are both named Duke.

We are twin hermit crabs, but we couldn't be more different. Duke is grumpy and mean while the other Duke is friendly and likes to tell jokes.



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